CeraK EZG Vaporizer

Load, close, the EZG is an exceptional, easy-to-use dry herb vape engineered with incredible durability and portability. Designed with a rotating mouthpiece, a glass-coated alumina ceramic heat chamber, and a stainless-steel airflow path, the PV1 delivers a smooth vapor. It has four preset temperature settings that gradually increase the temperature over 5 minutes for optimal impact.


Stainless Steel Airflow Path
Glass-Coated Alumina Ceramic Heat Chamber
Stealth Mode LED
Food Grade
304 steel
Silicone Lid
USB-C Charging

Color: Black/Green/Customized
1x Vaporizer 1x 3ft USB-C Charging Cable 1x User Manual

Temperature Settings:
Blue (Low) 350-370 F
Green 370-390 F
Yellow 390-410 F
Red (High) 410-430 F


A rotating and detachable metal mouthpiece, equipped with three holes for inhalation, attaches magnetically on top.
The mouthpiece is on one end and the chamber is opposite.
It spices things up with four heating profiles that bump up the heat by 20°F every five minutes to get the most out of your herbs.
Presets from low to high:
Blue 350-370°F (low) /Green 370-390°F/Yellow 390-410°F/Red 410-430°F (high)
It automatically starts heating when powered on, while the light around the button displays the corresponding session setting, vibrating once the temperature is reached and ready to use. After five minutes the vaporizer will automatically turn off.
Embracing a conduction heating method ensures your herb is evenly heated right against the chamber’s surface. For optimal performance, similar to the Pax and other conduction vapes, a tightly packed oven is key—secure enough that even a little shake won’t dislodge your greens.
Holding about 0.5g, the ceramic chamber is designed with convenience in mind, sporting a funnel-like top that makes loading your herb a breeze, without any spillage.


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